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Dancer and choreographer with over 30 years experience. She has participated in several TV shows and Musical Theater in Peru like a dancer and choreographer. She was Artistic Director and member of the D1 Dance Company in Lima - Perú who performed with dance shows around all the country of Peru, South America and USA.

In 2013 Diana move to the United States (San Diego CA) where she has the opportunity to perform in many stages as a performer and also choreographer. In 2015  directed her first original show “ Herstory” a show chronicling the stories of three contemporary female heroes pushing forward against all odds. Finally, by 2017 creates Fusion D with the idea of bring multidisciplinary arts performances to the San Diego community mixing variety  of rhythms and sensations, also fusing different styles and offering powerful performances.

This 2022 Diana is moving to Orlando Fl, looking  to connect with the amazing city and be able to share her passion and art with purpose to dance community

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