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Teaser "She is Perú"

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Image by Gisella Stapleton

At the downtown Taki Cabaret Club, young emcee Ernesto tells the story of María, a Peruvian woman who journeys to the United States fleeing violence, with hopes of a brighter future. When she arrives, culture shock, language barriers, and social prejudice make Maria feel insecure and ashamed about her Peruvian roots. This life isn’t what she imagined. By a stroke of luck, Maria meets Rosa, a wise Latina with an immigration journey of her own. With wit, friendship, and a little bit of brujeria, Rosa convinces Maria to celebrate her cultural heritage, while weaving a new identity in the U.S. With the support of Rosa and a growing sisterhood of likeminded women, Maria decides that what makes her different just might be her greatest strength.

From our Director

I was born in a country dripping in culture. The birthplace of more than 1000 traditional dances. A world-class culinary scene. Stunning natural beauty. And a people whose spirit reflects that beauty. My name is Diana Follegati and I am blessed to call Perú my first home. I moved to San Diego, California in 2014 looking for new experiences to challenge me as a dancer, an artist, and a human. I arrived with a burning desire to create art for a social purpose. I created Divas Dance Company, a group of powerful, talented, and beautiful ladies that share my love of dance and desire to tell stories that empower women and change the world. For 5 years we have done just that.


The year 2020 has been a wild time to be alive. So many of us feel alone, trapped, and anxious for the future. But for me, this year has also been a moment of revelation. Like so many, I feel a deep longing for my country right now. It is when I must be far from my beautiful Peru, that I miss it the most. I began to envision a show that shares my heritage and immigration story. A show that depicts a journey that is not only mine, but is the story of so many people who decide to make the journey towards a better future. 2020 has shown us that we can work together despite the distance. This year’s limitations have instead proven to be our greatest gift, expanding our previous ideas of what we thought was possible. She is Peru will be born from this moment. I am privileged to be accompanied by our talented musical director Daniel Giaconi, my beautiful dance community in Perú who teaches my company via online classes, my supportive husband Ryan, the light of my life Matias and my sisterhood, my “Divas”.


We are creating this show with so much love. As you embark on Maria’s journey, we hope you are reminded of your own determination, bravery, struggle, and triumph. Thank you for your support.

- Diana Follegati

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